Expense Management

Urbika Estate has been designed with future living in mind and includes some of the latest energy-saving, cost efficient systems and fittings, all designed to make your home even smarter and better.


At Urbika Apartments, residents will be using the Utilities Management App – a great new tool that allows you to easily manage all your rental expenses.

It is an electronic wallet that gathers all your payments in one easy-to-use place. You transfer funds to your Utilities Management account using an EFT, Debit Order, Credit Card or Unipin, and the app does the rest.

  • Makes it easy to pay your monthly rent by cutting out unnecessary admin.
  • Shows your home’s water and electricity usage in real time, which helps to manage and reduce your household usage.
  • Provides daily summaries of your utility usage which lets you plan and budget more effectively.
  • Sends timely notifications when you run low on funds, so that you can top up.
  • Allows you to pay as you go, which prevents those unpleasant account surprises.

The Utilities Management App is free to download and easy to use. 


Not only does each Urbika Lake Village home come pre-fitted with a geyser that makes use of solar energy, but there are optional extras which can provide additional long-term savings. They include:

  • A photovoltaic geyser that saves you even more in the long term
  • A built-in grey water system for the garden
  • Smart solar energy
  • Smart photovoltaic system for the entire home

Smart solar energy is the ultimate smart investment for your home and can save you a great deal in the long term. With initial installation costs of less than R90,000, the system can save you as much as R900,000 over 20 years. This is your chance to buy an awesome house and make it even better!

Find out more about making your home a smart home with Energy Partners.