About the Developer

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Harold Spies founded Similan Properties in November 2010 because he wanted to contribute to the way that homes are designed, developed and sold in South Africa. The company has won awards for its work, including Housing Project of the Year Award in 2014 and was the first developer in Africa to be Awarded EDGE Certification, and continues to redefine urban living through innovative design.

Their beautiful, award-winning estates, Summer Rain Private Estate and Karino Lifestyle Estate in Nelspruit, Fourleaf Estate in Port Elizabeth and Selcourt Estate in Springs, have opened a world of premium affordable living to over a thousand families.

Parents are now able to create happy homes within safe neighbourhoods for their children, providing a space where they can flourish, while homeowners have the opportunity of loaning against their bond to send their children to university or start a business, unlocking opportunities that weren’t possible before and helping to right the wrongs of the past.

Harold certainly has the academic and practical know-how to successfully navigate the world of real estate, including a BSc Honours in Construction Economics from the University of Pretoria, an MBA (Cum Laude) from Stellenbosch University and years of experience both in South Africa and overseas.

But even more important are the dual driving forces of creativity and the desire to change the way people live, for the better…

Similan doesn’t just develop the properties, but they stay closely involved during the entire lifecycle of the property, from acquiring land and marketing and selling homes, to managing both tenants and properties. It’s a unique approach to the hands-on management that allows Similan to maintain the quality of not only the design and construction, but also the experience of each new resident, for every estate they’ve developed thus far.

Because, as husband and father, Harold has a deep, personal understanding of how being able to provide a safe home environment can influence happiness, self-respect and success, and so Harold pushes himself and his team to not only find innovative solutions to the obvious problems, but to question the existing norms in a way that creates simple, smart improvements in the lives of South African families.