There’s that moment when you unlock your front door and take a deep breath. You’re home…

The busyness of the city falls away as you switch on the kettle and glance out the window at your children playing in the park.

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The Academy opened its doors for the first on Wednesday, 9th January. Situated just 5 minutes away from Urbika Estate. The school offers quality education and strive to achieve excellence through performance and we are determined to develop holistic, lifelong learners, capable of becoming successful professionals and future leaders.

We are happy to welcome CURRO Academy School in our shores, the first day proved to be a delightful day to learners.



The estate held it’s second show day on Saturday 9 June, and it was nothing short of amazing. The biggest highlight of the day was the handing over of the CURRO Independent School bursary to one lucky parent who entered at our Mama Magic Launch Drive

The Winner, Bishop Ngobeni was besides himself as his dream of taking his little girl to private school was now a reality. Congratulations Bishop, we are super excited for your little girl to go to school across the road from the Urbika Estate neighbourhood.